About J-Hop Tour

Is there a J-hop Tour office in all J-hoppers hostels?

No. At the moment, J-Hop Tour Hida Takayama is our only office. We may have other offices in the future depending on the success of the business.

About Shirakawa-go Tour

Are there any restaurants or cafes in Shirakawa-go?

Yes. Most restaurants and cafes are the traditional Gassho-Zukuri style houses, too. Please note that there are not many cafes opening before 10 am. And the majority of the restaurants open after 11:00am.

When and where do I pay the tour fees?

Please make your payment at the J-hop Tour Office in advance, or you can pay on the tour bus before we depart.

Would 2-hours free time be enough to see Shirakawa-go?

Ogimachi Town, the main area for Shirakawa-go sightseeing, is quite compact (about 1km wide, 0.4km long). So 2 hours would be enough time to enjoy walking in and around the town.

Is there a guide on the tour we can get information from?

Yes. Our tour staff will give a brief introduction about Shirakawa-go in the bus. Also, there are information sheets, both in English and Japanese at every seat. If you have further questions, feel free to ask the staff in the bus anytime.

Can I pay with my credit card?

Currently we accept your payment basically in cash, but you can make a payment with a credit card only when you pay at J-Hop Tour office.

Do you run the tour on rainy days or snowy days?

Yes, we do. Traditional Gassho-Zukuri houses are sometimes more beautiful in the rain or snow.

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