Useful Information for Shinhotaka, Hirayu Onsen and Kamikochi

Ticket Price

Okuhida Value Ticket includes;

  • 2 days (consecutive) unlimited bus ticket Takayama B.T. Hirayu Onsen Shinhotaka [worth 4,320]
  • Shinhotaka Ropeway round trip ticket both No.1 and No.2 Ropeways [worth 2,900]
  • Discounts for sightseeing spots: ex. 100yen discount at Hirayu no mori [worth 100]

Kamikochi&Okuhida Value Ticket includes above all and round trip ticket from Hirayu Onsen to Kamikochi [worth 2,050]

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Okuhida Value Ticket Kamikochi&Okuhida Value Ticket
Adult 6,000 7,800
3,150 4,050

Location of Takayama, Hirayu, Shinhotaka and Kamikochi

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Timetable and Fare

Takayama Hirayu Onsen Shinhotaka

To Hirayu Onsen One-way: 1,570 / Duration: 50-60 minutes
To Shinhotaka One-way: 2,160 / Duration: 96 minutes
Timetable: Nohi Bus

Hirayu Onsen Kamikochi

One-way: 1,160 [round-trip: 2050]/ Duration: 50-60 minutes
Timetable: Nohi Bus